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Exhibition Venues

‘Hr. og Fru Afrika – Everyday Life Stories From Uganda and Ghana’ is a touring audio and photo exhibition that focuses on the growing middle class in the capital cities: Kampala (Uganda) and Accra (Ghana).

The exhibition has been displayed across Denmark in public places during spring and summer of 2013.
‘Hr. og Fru Afrika’ opened on April 12th 2013 in Toftegårds Plads, in Valby (Copenhagen).


‘Hr. og Fru Afrika’ has been exhibited here:

Toftegårds Plads, Valby: 12/4-5/5
in collaboration with Valby Kulturhus)

Farvergården, Odense: 7/5-5/6
(in collaboration with Kulturmaskinen)

Rådhuspladsen, Aarhus: 6/6-28/6
(in collaboration with Aarhus Kommune)


Teglgårds Plads, Aalborg 29/6-6/8
(in collaboration with Nordkraft)

Images Festival 2013, Karolinelund 30/8-7/9

Images Festival 2013, Karolinelund 30/8-7/9