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‘Mr and Mrs Africa – Middle Class Stories from Uganda and Ghana’ has been exhibited as a touring outdoor exhibition in public places in the biggest Danish cities during spring and summer 2013. The aim is to challenge Danish stereotypical perceptions of Africa with photographs and soundscapes from middle class life in Uganda and Ghana. It is now possible to experience all photos and soundscapes here on this website so that the project can live on.


Do you instantly imagine mud huts and children with flies around their eyes when you hear about Africa? Is the soundtrack drum music? Or are you just tired of hearing about Africa and misery in the same sentence? Both charity shows and news focus on disasters – civil war, drought and famine – but what about everyday life? And what about the people who do not live at the bottom of society?


‘Mr and Mrs Africa’ moves focus to the growing middle class in the capitals of Uganda and Ghana: Kampala and Accra. Not because the other part of reality doesn’t exist, but because the stories from an African middle class life rarely reach Denmark.


Here you can find excerpts from an ordinary middle class life as it appears for young urban Ugandans and Ghanaians.
Get at eye level with excited football supporters and with the single mother Pauline during ballet rehearsal – and get the sounds from the dorm hallway, aerobics class and practising beat boxers directly into your ears.


‘Mr and Mrs Africa’ is based on an open form when it comes to visual and auditive impressions. It does not come with a cut-and-dried understanding. The reality is complex, and that is emphasized by the multi-medial form where photographs and soundscapes are part of a creative interaction and counteraction.